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Monday, August 10 2009

At Thursty Water Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & HVAC we work hard to provide quality customer service. With maintaining our company's integrity, we also encourage our customers to do your research from a homeowner's perspective, to ensure your home service needs are properly addressed.

For example, last week a potential customer came to us with an invoice and estimate from one of our competitors in the industry. The invoice and estimate addressed the homeowner's emergency of having no water in their home.

This competitor is a well-known company that diagnosed the homeowner's no water issue as a problem with their well pump. The company quoted the customer a total of $8355.66 to fix all of the possible issues, with charges as high as $190.82 to simply seal the homeowner's well cap. Even being in the field and having experience, I was shocked at the overwhelming prices to address the homeowner's water problems. I was also surprised to see what this company suggested in order to fix the problems; some of the quoted solutions are unnecessary and have no bearing on well pump issues in general, such as replacing the 44 gallon well tank. I've posted a copy of the actual invoice and estimate, so you can have a look yourself.

What would you do if this was your bill?No Water Call Invoice

At Thursty Water Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & HVAC, we encourage our customers to do their research, especially in events such as this. Fortunately, these homeowners decided to seek alternate advice about their water problems. They discovered that the real cause of their problems was easy and inexpensive to fix - something that the technician on site failed to recognize.

In actuality, an outside faucet had been left on, which caused the well to run dry. When the outside faucet was turned off, and the homeowners allowed enough time for the well to refill, they had water once again. This homeowner was quoted up to $8355.66 to fix well pump issues that did not exist.

To better serve our customers and avoid conflicts such as this within our own business, Thursty Water Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & HVAC has always worked hard to properly diagnose and fix problems first, before recommending part replacements.

We understand that homeowners are responsible to maintain their homes and ensure their family's safety. Likewise, as business owners, we are responsible for providing our customers with thorough, honest work to help with this process.

Remember to do your research, and avoid situations such as this homeowner.

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