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Thursday, January 27 2011
We at Thursty Water Systems have bid on a number jobs and provided more water analysis to our customers than we can count. Of those estimates, some have been for homeowners while others have been for general contractors or large business remodels.

We know that most times, customers choose the bid with the best price. We know that a “good” price is important to our customers, and it’s important for us to know that we are supplying you with a reasonable price.

We also know that the cheapest price doesn’t always mean good, quality work. We saw a sign once that explained the situation perfectly: “Good parts are not cheap. Cheap parts are not good.”

We’re not saying you should break the bank every time you want to have work done in your home. We’re homeowners too, and we get it. But we are saying that quality workmanship, warrantees, guarantees, proper qualifications and dependability are just as important, if not more important than finding the cheapest price.

Think about how much your home is worth to you. Every time you let somebody into your home to perform repairs, installations, or maintenance, it is crucial to know that you can trust their expertise; that they have the proper qualifications; and that they guarantee their work. The safety of your home is important.

Okay, so back to pricing. What about a good worker, who uses cheap parts? Just remember that you get what you pay for. Cheaper parts now may mean more repairs in the future, less efficiency, or other problems.

When it comes to providing quotes and estimates, we don’t always “get the job.” But when a customer chooses to work with us, we provide the quality work with materials we have used and trusted for over 25 years. We maintain the most up to date and current licensing. We are certified and insured, and we guarantee and warrantee our work.

In this industry we have the option to use cheap materials, quality materials, or overpriced materials. We choose quality.

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