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Tuesday, March 01 2011
Justin Bieber turns 17 today, and he's not just asking for birthday presents and fan mail. This year, he's hoping to raise $17,000 for clean water projects around the world. Fans, friends, and people who don't even know Justin's Hollywood status are donating anywhere from 17 to 170 dollars. And Justin isn't the only star to work towards this cause.

Matt Damon is the co-founder of, a world-wide non-profit working to bring clean water to more than 8 countries. You can watch a video of an interview with Matt about the water crisis by visiting this link on YouTube:

Thursty Water Systems supports all efforts to provide quality water around the world. Our water quality directly relates to our health. We encourage you to check out some of these organizations to see what's happening around the world. If you feel the pull to donate, we certainly encourage you to do that too.

Remember, changing your water today can change your health for life. And helping to change someone else's water - or, even GIVE them water - will significantly change their health too.

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